Il existe un grand nombre de livres, de DVD et de CD de qualité qui fournissent des réponses claires et détaillées sur le trouble d’intégration de l’identité sexuelle (TIIS), sur l’origine des attraits envers le même sexe ainsi que sur les possibilités d’en être libérés.

Plusieurs librairies, malheureusement, ne les tiennent pas en magasin de crainte d’être étiquetées “homophobes”. Notre site se veut donc un moyen de corriger cette injustice. Dans cette section, nous te proposons différents ouvrages et documents ainsi que les hyperliens te permettant de les commander :

Homosexualité: les mythes et les faits — Par Michel Lizotte

Naît-on homosexuel? Le devient-on? L’homosexualité est-elle une maladie, la conséquence d’un gène reçu des parents? Est-ce un désordre hormonal? Peut-on en sortir? Que disent 100 ans de recherches scientifiques et d’études empiriques sur le sujet?

25.00$ CDN — 355 pages
Getting Started for Reparative Therapists - ½ cover

Getting Started for Reparative Therapist — Featuring Dr Joseph Nicolosi, Ph. D.

In this video, the “Father” of Reparative Therapy offers a verbal comprehensive introduction to the latest innovative techniques used in the successful treatment of men wanting to overcome their same-sex attractions. Dr Nicolosi also recalls the history of, and important steps in the development of his work. This unique document, aimed at professional mental health counsellors, is an indispensable must-have tool for every counselling clinic and university campus who are committed to fully equipping the next generation of counsellors.

34.95$ CDN — 100 minutes
A young man's journey (Floyd Godfrey's book)

A Young Man's Journey — Par Floyd Godfrey

As a young man, Floyd struggled with unwanted attractions to other boys. He worked furiously to keep God's commandments and pray, but the feelings wouldn't go away. He was tormented by temptations on a daily basis, and started to consider that perhaps he WAS bom gay. Ultimately, he met a man who had changed his own homosexual attractions. Floyd attended a conference organized and taught by others who had changed their orientation. The stories at the conference were life-changing! Although he had spent a couple of years with a counselor, it was the first time he heard information that actually made sense. Floyd began to realize the attractions were symptoms of emotional needs and wounds. As he focused himself on the emotional issues, his attractions to other boys diminished.

23.95$ CDN — 220 pages Acheter Maintenant

Shame and Attachment loss — Par Joseph Nicolosi

Bringing together a Judeo-Christian anthropology with biological and psychodynamic theories of human development and sexuality, psychologist Joseph Nicolosi details the therapeutic techniques of reparative therapy he has developed over the past twenty years.

20.78$ CDN — 474 pages Acheter Maintenant

Homosexuality: A New Christian Ethic — Par Elizabeth R Moberly

The best-selling Christian study of homosexuality, combining a psychoanalytical approach with an emphasis on the need for counselling and prayer.

21.89$ CDN — 64 pages Acheter Maintenant

The Heart of Female Same Sex Attraction — Par Janelle Hallman

The fruit of years of training, research and counseling experience, Janelle Hallman has drawn together a comprehensive resource for those who are interested in understanding and counseling women in conflict with same sex attraction. In this ground-breaking work, Hallman sets forth the unique dimensions of struggle that women experience through the presentation of research, interviews and clinical experience.

14.59$ CDN — 312 pages Acheter Maintenant

Out From Under — Par Dawn Stefanowicz

Dawn knows from personal experience that the environment in which a child is raised matters. Her story delivers a provocative, gripping, no-holds-barred account of what it was like to grow up with a homosexual father, his partners, and a chronically ill and passive mother. Candidly, transparently, yet respectfully, Dawn raises the blinds on a home shrouded in secrecy, conflict, confusion, and abuse.

14.95$ CDN — -- pages Acheter Maintenant

Ex-Gays? — Par Stanton L. Jones et Mark A. Yarhouse

Is it possible to be an ex gay?

16.70$ CDN — 414 pages Acheter Maintenant
Le règne de Narcisse

Le règne de Narcisse — Par Tony Anatrella

La montée actuelle des revendications homosexuelles - droit au mariage, à l'adoption... - soulève de nombreuses questions sur le sens du couple et de la famille, sur la psychologie de l'enfant... Pour Tony Anatrella, vouloir faire de chaque «orientation sexuelle» un modèle social parmi d'autres est une idéologie dangereuse pour l'intérêt général.

58.15$ CDN — 250 pages Acheter Maintenant

A Parent's Guide To Preventing Homosexuality — Par Joseph Nicolosi

Homosexuality: is it learned, biological or both? The answer to this question deeply concerns parents. They want to know how they can best raise their children. A common belief today is that nothing can be done to foster the development of healthy heterosexual orientation in children. But the clinical experience and professional research of Dr. Nicolosi and others indicates otherwise.

13.64$ CDN — 250 pages Acheter Maintenant

Healing Homosexuality — Par Joseph Nicolosi

A book whose clarity, simplicity, and honesty will be of real value to the public and professionals alike.

72.26$ CDN — 242 pages Acheter Maintenant

Handbook of Child and Adolescent Sexual Problems — Par George A. Rekers

10.00$ CDN — 497 pages Acheter Maintenant